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Have you lost money to a Bitcoin or Crypto scammer, Forex broker, a romance scammer or any other scam?

Scam Bitcoin Recovery Service can help in full refund of lost money!

Scam Bitcoin is one of the most trusted Scam Recovery expert service which has helped thousands of scam victims. If you are victimized, file a quick complaint and start recovery process.


Scam Broker Investigation


Trusted broker Reviews

We call a broker as a scam broker only on the basis of truth and there is no fake reviews. Although every scam broker shows to be a genuine broker but we conduct online researches, follow the warnings from the authentic regulatory bodies like AISC Australia, FMA New Zealand, FCA, FINMA, CONSOB and others.


Largest Collection of Scam Forex brokers

Forex trading scam is present since the beginning of Forex trading and will remain until Fx Trading is present. We have the most updated reviews of current Forex scam brokers which will help you to trade safely and avoid scammers.


Largest Collection of Scam Crypto brokers

Bitcoin and other Crypto scams are common these days.  Fraud Bitcoin brokers , exchanges and ICO’s news are heard everywhere. Read our latest Crypto scam reviews and keep yourself alert in the world of crypto trading.

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Other Scam Reports

We know that scams are not just limited to broker scams. Therefore we have covered Dating Scams, Investment Scams, Social media scams and nearly all other scams to keep readers alert from recent scams.

How to detect a scam broker?


A legitimate broker is generally a licensed and regulated broker by a known regulating authority. Although some regulated ones can also be fraud.


Promise of Fixed Returns

A legitimate will never promise you fixed returns. Returns are variable and all investments are subjected to risk. There is no promised return.

Managed Accounts

In General a legitimate broker will not offer you a managed account handled by said senior analysts of the broker’s firm. 

Withdrawal Issues

This is one of the most popular signs of a scam broker. Broker does not allow the traders to withdraw money based on illegitimate reasons

Unauthorized credit card charges

A scam broker makes unauthorized transactions from the saved credit card of the trader with the main reason of adding more money to trader’s account.

Negative Reviews

There are a number of legitimate broker review websites like which provide real traders’ reviews. If most are negative, then the broker is a possible scam.

What to do if scammed?

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All Access Pass

Scam Bitcoin Team not only provides trusted Forex, Binary, Crypto and other scam reviews but we also help scammed traders and people to know how to recover their losses. We are the most trusted lawyers for internet scams

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Crypto Trace Services

 Crypto trace services compile and analyse available data furnished by clients and derived from applications, software, and databases to pinpoint the owners of bitcoin wallets and their geographical locations.

This methodology combines technological prowess, forensic expertise, and data-driven solutions to support victims of cryptocurrency schemes in tracing their funds on the blockchain. It enables them to present well-structured cases to authorities and crypto exchanges, accompanied by comprehensive investigative reports.

Types of crypto trace services offered by Scam Bitcoin Team:

Data Compilation

Crypto investigators require specific information from clients and may solicit particular documents that shed light on the situation, potentially revealing hints leading to the identity of the wrongdoer. Clients might need to furnish screenshots, documentation, and corroborative evidence to aid investigators in their pursuit.

Client Consultation

When clients initially reach out to us, they may be grappling with the aftermath of losing funds to potential crypto schemes. They might be uncertain about tracking their funds on the blockchain and could have encountered unhelpful advice from individuals unaware of crypto trace services. Some may have been left frustrated by authorities or crypto exchanges asserting their inability to assist further.

Our team addresses client inquiries and outlines the crypto trace process. We provide a pragmatic overview of the likelihood of successful recovery and suggest strategies for presenting cases to authorities or regulators.

Analysis of Crypto Coin Trace Technology

Utilizing a bitcoin block explorer and advanced coin tracking technology, our investigators can isolate transactions and anonymous bitcoin wallets. However, this yields only a code, devoid of genuine identity or location.

To uncover such details, we delve deeper, employing sophisticated crypto coin trace software that maps out transactions intricately. This includes intermediary accounts or conduits, which fraudsters often exploit to launder money discreetly. Though these intermediaries could be a means of obfuscating their activities, they reveal their tracks to our investigators.

Our software is adept at detecting patterns utilized by fraudsters, such as recurrently routing money through the same intermediaries. Scam Bitcoin Team can also glean enough insights about these intermediary accounts and the mastermind behind them to often unveil names and locations. Through comprehensive crypto forensics investigations and databases filled with insights from countless cases, we frequently narrow it down to one or two potential individuals.

Reports Analysis

Upon completing the crypto trace investigation, Scam Bitcoin Team create a comprehensive investigative report outlining our findings. These reports can be presented to law enforcement agencies, crypto exchanges, or regulators, offering sufficient information for criminal investigations or disciplinary actions against the wrongdoer.