Given the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies among the general public, investment portals like are witnessing a significant surge in user numbers, as more individuals seek opportunities in online trading ventures. Read this complete review to know why we add this broker in our scam brokers list.

However, with numerous similar platforms accessible today, it becomes vital for investors to conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions on these portals.

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Website Availability – Yes

Address – NA

Warning – Not recommended by review website like Scam Bitcoin

Regulated – Unregulated

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Date RegisteredFebruary 11, 2023
Domain Age5 months, 12 days, 20 hours, 47 minutes, 20 seconds

About serves as a cryptocurrency trading and investment platform, enabling individuals to generate income through online cryptocurrency trading. The platform presents diverse investment plans, offering users the opportunity to earn a percentage of their investments within a brief timeframe. Review: Regulation operates as an unregulated offshore broker, lacking recognition from reputable regulatory authorities in its region. The broker may conduct operations across multiple countries without complying with the necessary regulations set forth by recognized bodies like CySec, ASIC, FCA, CNMV, etc. However, it is essential to note that the absence of regulation is not the sole reason for labeling this broker as potentially fraudulent. Numerous complaints, negative reviews about, and other suspicious characteristics may also contribute to such concerns. Consequently, trading with this broker poses risks to the safety of your funds.

Lack of Transparency

Transparency is crucial in the financial sector, particularly when it comes to online trading platforms. Unfortunately, lacks transparency in various aspects of its operations. Vital information such as the identities of its management team, the company’s physical address, or clear details about its services and fees are often elusive. This opacity leaves users in the dark and raises doubts about the platform’s legitimacy.

Promises of Unrealistic Returns

A common tactic employed by fraudulent platforms is the promise of quick and unrealistic returns on investments. is no exception, offering investment plans that claim to provide substantial profits in a short period. Such alluring promises are often too good to be true and should be approached with extreme caution. Responsible and reputable investment opportunities always carry inherent risks, and any platform guaranteeing significant returns without risk is likely misleading its users.

Numerous Complaints and Negative Reviews

After extensive investigation into and taking into account the numerous negative reviews and complaints raised by traders who have interacted with this broker, we have decided to include it in our list of scam brokers warnings. The presence of multiple negative reviews, numerous complaints, and other suspicious characteristics has led us to conclude that may not be a trustworthy or reliable platform for traders. Caution is advised for anyone considering engaging with this broker to avoid potential financial losses or other unfavourable outcomes. Review: Security Concerns

Another troubling aspect of is the lack of adequate security measures to protect user funds and personal information. Reports of hacking incidents and unauthorized access to accounts raise serious concerns about the platform’s commitment to safeguarding its users’ assets. With cyber security threats on the rise, it is essential for any online trading platform to implement robust security protocols to ensure the safety of its users.


In conclusion, the review reveals several alarming red flags and risks associated with the platform. Its unregulated status, numerous complaints, lack of transparency, unrealistic promises, and security concerns collectively create a compelling case for potential investors to exercise extreme caution. Engaging with unregulated and suspicious platforms like can result in severe financial losses and compromises the safety of personal information. 

If you have fallen victim to a scam or any other fraudulent activity, rest assured that you can take action to address the situation. By visiting our Scam Bitcoin website, you have the opportunity to file a complaint against the scam broker. Our platform provides a complaint form to facilitate this process.  Once you’ve submitted the form, you will be eligible for a free consultation with our expert team, who can guide you through the fund recovery process. We are here to assist and support you in seeking resolution and recovering your funds from the scam.

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