Elite Trading Review: Introduction

Elite Trading operates as yet another deceitful platform engaged in fraudulent activities related to CFDs and Forex, essentially swindling funds from unsuspecting depositors. The platform employs tactics that give the impression of providing CFDs, Commodities, EFTs, Indices, and Stock trading opportunities. What has come to our attention is the substantial volume of grievances lodged by members associated with this platform. Many members are expressing discontent after discovering their accounts inexplicably blocked. For a authentic and candid assessment of Elite Trading, consider reading this complete Elite Trading Review.

Website – http://www.elitetrading.co/

Website Availability – No

Address – Estonia

Warning – Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA)

Regulation – Unregulated

About Elite Trading

Elite Trading claims to be a globally recognized provider of financial services, presenting an array of investment offerings such as Online Trading and FX. 

The website fails to disclose verifiable ownership details of this platform, raising concerns about its legitimacy. The platform’s lack of transparency regarding its location adds to its dubious nature, leaving its origins uncertain. Upon examination of their contact page, it becomes evident that the entity responsible for this scam is purportedly NetBit Services and Solutions Limited.

However, a thorough search of most European Company registers yields no records of a company registered under this name. Intriguingly, the deception deepens with their assertion of being situated in Harju County, Estonia.

Is Elite Trading legit or a scam?

Anonymity stands out as another significant issue apparent within this platform. The absence of any individuals stepping forward with information about the genuine founders of this platform casts a shadow of suspicion over the entire operation. The lack of transparency regarding the identities of those managing this platform lends an unsettling undertone to the entire process.

Another disconcerting aspect of this issue pertains to the inadequate provision of essential license and registration information. Their website fails to furnish any details concerning their license or regulatory identification number. These factors collectively underscore why investors should exercise caution when considering involvement with EliteTrading. In the absence of substantiated licensing evidence, EliteTrading remains classified as an unauthenticated and unregulated platform.

Elite Trading Review: Trading Platform

As per the information presented on the homepage, Elite Trading employs an undisclosed state-of-the-art trading platform. The drawback associated with proprietary platforms is the absence of rigorous expert testing. Consequently, such platforms often exhibit instability when used for trading. This observation rings true for Elite Trading, where their platform lacks robust security measures. The absence of essential features like DDoS protection and SSL encryption serves as indicative evidence that this is an unreliable platform.

Elite Trading Review: Trading Accounts

EliteTrading offers users a selection of five distinct account options: Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Interestingly, the majority of these accounts share comparable features, prompting us to question the rationale behind depositing additional funds. Notably, each account type provides access to dedicated account managers, which can inadvertently lead to a potential pitfall. Upon registration, these managers tend to inundate users with persistent phone calls, pressuring them to increase their fund deposits. It is advisable to steer clear of this platform and refrain from making any financial deposits with them.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

In the realm of payment methods, EliteTrading offers users an extensive array of channels, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Depositing funds into accounts on the platform is a streamlined and swift process, with accessible depository channels accessible to all. Among these depository options are AstroPay, Neteller, PaySafe, Skrill, and several others. Nonetheless, the persisting issue with EliteTrading lies in the domain of withdrawals. To date, no user has substantiated evidence of successfully withdrawing funds from this platform. This serves as a decisive point of concern, delineating the boundary of trust.

Elite Trading Review: Conclusion

According to our investigation, the Elite Trading website is currently inactive. This suggests that the brokerage has ceased its trading operations and is no longer functioning. Nonetheless, we advise exercising caution and remaining vigilant in case of any future solicitations. We include this platform in our scam brokers list to prevent anyone from falling into this deceitful scheme.

If you have fallen victim to the Elite Trading scam or any other fraudulent activity, help and resolution are within reach. By filing a complaint via our Scam Bitcoin platform, you can get a free consultation from our specialist team. Our team is wholly committed to aiding you in finding a resolution to your predicament.

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