Global Xsolutions UAB, the parent company of the Gammaron platform, operates from two locations – Lithuania and Bulgaria. Despite its short time in the industry, this scam project seems to have a particular interest in Canadian investors. In just over three months of operation, it has already attracted multiple warnings. In this Gammaron review, we will provide links to all the warnings separately, allowing readers to explore them in detail.

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Website Availability – No

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Warning – Ontario Securities Commission (Canada)

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Date RegisteredJanuary 30, 2022
Domain Age1 year, 6 months, 4 days, 2 hours, 34 minutes, 24 seconds

Gammaron Review: Regulation

The financial authorities decision to blacklist this dubious crypto services provider as a scam was entirely justified. Gammaron’s primary objective seems to be convincing customers to invest in cryptocurrencies, only to subject them to exorbitant fees and, in some cases, even abscond with their entire investments. The lack of proper supervision and regulation provides a favorable environment for such unlawful practices to thrive, allowing these wrongdoers to operate unchecked.

Well-regulated platforms rarely find themselves on public blacklists unless they engage in specific fraudulent actions or exhibit suspicious behavior. The Canadian regional authorities have identified Gammaron as a potential threat to Canadian investors, leading to its inclusion on the public warning list. This recognition is a clear indication of the risks associated with dealing with this particular platform.

Negative Reviews and Complaints

As we began compiling this Gammaron review, we noticed that there were only a few ratings left on TrustPilot, which is not a favorable sign for the platform’s popularity. Moreover, the reviews were far from flattering, with every single one being negative. Each review highlighted specific issues that traders encountered with this platform, painting a concerning picture of the company’s performance and services.

Gammaron Review: Trading Platform

Gammaron’s trading platform is notably lacking in sophistication. Rather than a comprehensive platform, they offer two separate terminals for buying BTC and ETH. Unfortunately, these terminals fail to instill confidence in users due to their lack of security and safe transaction options.

To delve into the payment processing details, we attempted to open an account. However, the verification process proved to be a challenge, leaving us unable to fully verify our account. As we proceed, you will discover the extent of personal information this anonymous platform demands from its users, adding to the concerns surrounding this dubious enterprise.

Gammaron Review: Trading Assets

Their selection of tradable instruments is incredibly limited and disappointingly poor. As a crypto exchange platform, one would anticipate a wide array of digital currencies to be available. Reputable exchanges typically offer thousands of financial products for investors to choose from. In contrast, Gammaron pool of tradable assets is restricted to only BTC and ETH.

Even these limited options raise doubts about their functionality, as fraudulent service providers often lack the resources to facilitate productive trading or exchange activities. Given this inadequate range of assets, one must question the platform’s credibility and ability to deliver a reliable trading experience.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

It comes as no surprise that Gammaron solely supports crypto transactions. These transfers are highly insecure and maintain anonymity, making them a preferred choice for crypto scammers. Whenever the opportunity arises, they will insist on these types of transactions. Almost irreversible and exceedingly challenging to trace back, such payments are practically guaranteed to be final and leave victims with little recourse for recovery.


Through extensive research, we have gathered enough evidence to comprehend the modus operandi of Gammaron fraud. The company lures clients to buy crypto with the promise of exchanging it. However, once investments are made, the scammers swiftly abandon their customers, revealing the entire service to be nothing more than a ruse. In reality, no actual assets are purchased, and all the funds end up in the hands of the deceitful individuals behind the scheme.

If you find yourself victimized by a Gammaron scam, Scam Bitcoin offers a reliable platform for fund recovery services. Simply fill out a complaint form on our website to initiate the process. Our team of experts is readily available to provide a free consultation, guiding you through the steps of reclaiming your funds and exploring the fund recovery process.

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