GSPartners claims to operate as a multi-level marketing company, offering commission payments in cryptocurrencies and providing educational resources related to the cryptocurrency industry. To gain a deeper understanding of this investment firm, read the comprehensive GSPartners review. Beware of any claims about their supposed license, as they might be deceptive.

GSPartners Global and GSTrade Exchange are interconnected as part of the same group. Having analyzed GSTrade Exchange previously, we are now familiar with their operating patterns. Moreover, our investigation has uncovered numerous warnings that validate our initial suspicions.

Website –

Website Availability – Yes

Addresss – NA

Warning – Ontario Securities Commission (Canada), British Columbia Securities Commission (Canada)

Regulated – Unregulated


GSPartners Global, similar to GSTrade, operates under GSB Gold Standard Bank Ltd. The company is registered in the Union of Comoros – Autonomous Island of Moheli and holds a banking license issued by the local authority, Mwali International Services Authority. On their website, they claim to be affiliated with Swiss Valorem Bank, the holder of the mentioned license.

However, it’s important to note that a banking license doesn’t encompass the provision of investment services abroad. Despite this, GSPartners Global asserts its involvement in blockchain-based banking and digital asset investments. To offer such services in other countries, they would need to be properly regulated by the respective local authorities.

GSPartners Review: Warning

GSPartners Global legitimacy has been called into question by the Canadian regulator of British Columbia. An official warning was issued against GSB Gold Standard Bank Ltd and its associated entities for engaging in unauthorized trading and providing advice in securities. This warning was subsequently republished on a national level by the Canadian Securities Administrators, definitively answering the question about GSPartners Global’s legitimacy.

GSPartners Review: Trading Conditions

The nature of the investment services offered by this company remains ambiguous. While they mention providing hot and cold wallets along with digital asset investments, they fail to specify whether it involves CFDs, trading, or traditional buy/sell options.

Additionally, the lack of clarity extends to the trading terms, as crucial information such as spread, leverage, and trading fees remains undisclosed. These uncertainties raise multiple red flags, indicating potential risks and issues with the company’s operations.

Trading platform

There appears to be a proprietary platform linked to the digital wallet, but unfortunately, no Demo account is available to explore its features. Given the company’s blacklisting by Tier 1 authorities, we are unwilling to take the risk of investing our money with them and refrain from making further comments on the matter.

Trading Assets

Based on available information, the company solely offers cryptocurrency investment options and nothing else. They claim to store assets in hot and cold wallets for enhanced security. However, it is crucial to note that the company lacks proper authorization to provide any investment services, rendering the type of investment irrelevant.

Deposit and Withdrawal methods

The process of depositing funds with GSPartners Global remains unclear, and even more so are the withdrawal terms. The absence of available payment options and vague references to a “user’s own e-wallet” in the legal documents add to the confusion.

Based on the experiences shared by others, obtaining a payout from the company seems virtually impossible. It appears that GSPartners Global may be misusing its existing banking license while attempting to establish credibility and reputation through association with other legitimate brokers.

GSPartners Review: Conclusion

In conclusion, GSPartners Global possesses an offshore banking license that does not authorize it to offer trading services in Tier 1-regulated countries, leading to official warnings from Canadian regulators.

Based on GSPartners reviews, customers have faced difficulties in reaching the GSPartners Global support team when attempting to withdraw their funds, causing problems for them. However, if you encounter any issues, there is a possibility of reclaiming your money.

Feel free to contact us for a free consultation, where our chargeback experts will diligently investigate your case and assess its viability for recovery. By doing so, we can determine your chances of getting your funds back.

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