InvestusPro claims to set itself apart from conventional brokerage firms by offering more than just trading services. Recognizing the importance of comprehensive approaches to successful trading, the company emphasizes its commitment to providing fundamental analysis and extensive information gathering. 

However, there have been allegations of the InvestusPro scam, wherein the swindlers try to deceive victims into believing that they are indispensable for making the right investment decisions. 

In this InvestusPro review, we delve into the reasons why the claims made by InvestusPro lack credibility and hold no practical value. We thoroughly examine why the company is deemed highly unreliable. If you are searching for a dependable brokerage platform that offers intelligent investment decision-making, make sure to read through this comprehensive InvestusPro review.

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According to InvestusPro statements, they present themselves as a global firm with two regional offices: one located in London, UK, and the other in Toronto, Canada. However, a brief search raises doubts about the authenticity of these addresses. It becomes evident that both addresses are associated with entirely different companies that have no connection or affiliation with InvestusPro.

This discrepancy in the provided addresses casts doubt on the legitimacy of InvestusPro claims and raises concerns about their credibility as a brokerage firm. As a potential investor, it is advisable to approach InvestusPro assertions with caution and conduct further research before considering any business dealings with the company.

InvestusPro Review: Trading Platform

InvestusPro promotes its trading platform as a cutting-edge technological marvel, but in reality, it falls short of being revolutionary. Instead, it presents a basic and inadequate software, devoid of the essential tools that have garnered widespread admiration within the Forex community, such as MT4, MT5, and cTrader.

Regrettably, this platform offers nothing more than two basic functions: buy and sell. These functions remain unresponsive unless you deposit real funds. In the absence of real money, your options are limited to minor customizations, which do little to enhance the platform’s comprehensiveness and reliability. In essence, InvestusPro’s touted trading solution turns out to be a simple and substandard offering.

Negative Reviews and Ratings

Although there aren’t numerous InvestusPro review online about the alleged InvestusPro scam, we have managed to uncover some traces. These indicators, coupled with the evident poor service quality and clear intent to deceive, suggest that negative ratings will likely pour in shortly. A quick glance at the Trustpilot page for InvestusPro reveals only a handful of reviews, all of which are negative. These reviews reflect the growing outrage against the alleged scam and the victims’ efforts to caution others against falling for their deceptive services and overpaying.

InvestusPro Review: Trading Conditions

As previously mentioned, InvestusPro offers leverage that exceeds the limits allowed in most regions. While a leverage ratio of 1:400 may appear enticing, it actually poses a significantly higher risk of potential asset losses.

Regarding spreads, InvestusPro’s advertised rates might be a bit more costly compared to the current average. Despite claiming some accounts have a minimum spread of 0.8, these favorable spreads are limited to only a few Trading Instruments and can be quite expensive overall.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that InvestusPro imposes various fees. For instance, there is a dormant fee of 10% per month after a period of inactivity lasting six months or more. Withdrawals also come with non-negligible charges. Some withdrawal options carry a fee of $25 for the request, followed by a $50 processing fee, and certain account types are subject to a 10% levy on withdrawals. These fees can add up and affect the overall profitability of trading with InvestusPro.

InvestusPro Review: Conclusion

Our investigation into InvestusPro has unearthed alarming revelations about this unregulated brokerage and investment firm. Their complete anonymity and discreet operations enable them to continue deceiving customers without consequence. If you suspect that your funds are at risk, it’s crucial to act swiftly and seek the necessary legal support. These scammers are relentless in their efforts to misappropriate funds, and they won’t easily return what they’ve taken. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for advice and legal assistance in recovering your investments. Our team of legal experts works tirelessly, operating around the clock, to provide a free consultation in reclaiming their losses from all types and profiles of fraudsters.

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