Is this broker legitimate or a fraud?

Given the growing evidence pointing to LegacyFX’s involvement in fraudulent operations, potential investors are advised to proceed with care before investing. We provide a complete study and throw light on the broker’s operations and any red flags with our in-depth LegacyFX Review. Even though you should always do your research, the information at hand suggests that LegacyFX is quite likely to be a scam broker.

LegacyFX Website –

LegacyFX Address – Belarus

LegacyFX Regulation Status – Regulated in Belarus

LegacyFX Warning – National Securities and Stock Market Commission (Ukraine)

Warning from National Securities and Stock Market Commission

LegacyFX, a prominent brokerage firm with a global presence, recently received a cautionary notice from the National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine. Despite its established reputation and track record since its inception in 2017, LegacyFX finds itself under scrutiny regarding its operations in the Ukrainian market. This warning from the regulatory body underscores the importance of adherence to local laws and regulations, even for well-established entities like LegacyFX.

Implications and Response

The warning from the National Securities and Stock Market Commission carries significant implications for LegacyFX’s operations and reputation in Ukraine. It highlights the necessity for the brokerage to review its compliance procedures and ensure strict adherence to Ukrainian regulatory requirements. LegacyFX’s response to this warning will be closely monitored by both the regulatory authorities and its clientele, as it strives to address any concerns and maintain its standing as a trusted broker in the Ukrainian market. Moving forward, LegacyFX faces the challenge of balancing its expansion efforts with regulatory compliance to mitigate any potential risks to its operations and client relationships.

Seeking Justice: File Complaints against LegacyFX at Scam Bitcoin

If you suspect you have been a victim of the LegacyFX scam or any other forex scam, cryptocurrency scam, binary scam, or investment fraud, you should first know that recovery is possible from scams. Scam Bitcoin Team is a valuable resource, including the LegacyFX review, that offers assistance to victims of fraudulent schemes. Our consultation is free and we guide you through the process of recovering from financial losses.

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Moreover, we offer insights through the LegacyFX review and other relevant reviews to raise awareness about potential scams.

Keep in mind that staying informed and aware is important if you want to safeguard yourself against fraud and make wise choices in trading and investing. If you believe you’ve been scammed, seeking help from reputable organizations like Scam Bitcoin can be crucial to recovering and preventing future incidents.

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