If you are in search of an impartial assessment of Tesler Trading, questioning its legitimacy as a potential scam, you can rely on us. In this Tesler Trading Review, we present a comprehensive and unbiased review of Tesler Trading, an automated trading software.

Website –¬†http://teslerapp.software/, http://www.tesler.today/, https://teslerapp.org/

Website Availability – No

Address- Australia (allegedly)

Warning – Not recommended by the review website like Scam Bitcoin

Tesler Trading Review: About Tesler Trading

Numerous websites are presenting themselves as official Tesler Trading sites. We verified some of these websites, and all of them indeed turned out to be genuine Tesler Trading platforms.

Is Tesler Trading legit or a scam?

After conducting extensive research on Tesler Trading, we have discovered that it is not an authentic website but rather an exact duplicate of Bitcoin Code, a known fraudulent trading platform. Consequently, we strongly advise against investing in Tesler Trading, particularly when it relies on deceptive articles to endorse its legitimacy.

Our investigation was triggered by numerous complaints concerning Tesler Trading. These complaints can be categorized into two main areas: some individuals have reported the absence of any software, while others are facing difficulties in withdrawing their funds. Like other scam websites, Tesler Trading follows a get-rich-quick scheme, enticing users through affiliate programs and cooperation with media agencies.

The platform compensates brokers with referral fees for their promotion, adopting a revenue-sharing model similar to many gambling websites.

Warning issued against Tesler Trading?

The Spanish regulator CNMV has issued a warning regarding the Tesler investment scam. According to the regulator, it is merely an affiliate ad designed to redirect clients to fraudulent trading firms. Moreover FCA regulatory also issued warning against Tesler Tesler Investing.

Is it safe to invest with Tesler Trading?

No it is not safe safe to invest with Tesler Trading. Tesler appears to be a blatant imitation of the fraudulent website Bitcoin Code. A comparison between the two reveals that they share the same dashboard, and the scammers haven’t even bothered to alter the claims present on the previous scam site, Bitcoin Code. Both websites have an identical registration process and feature the same video.

Furthermore, these fraudsters have chosen to use the same name, Steve Mckay, as the purported founder of Tesler Trading, and have displayed his picture, which was already used on Bitcoin Code.

Tesler Trading Review: Customer Support

Tesler Trading lacks a customer support system. To verify this, we conducted an experiment where we collected the email address provided on the “Contact Us” page and sent emails to all of them. Unfortunately, we did not receive a reply from any of the email addresses.

In many instances, the email addresses were incorrect, resulting in bounced-back emails. You can try this out yourself, and it will serve as sufficient evidence that Tesler Trading is a scam. Be cautious not to fall into their trap.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

At Tesler Trading, depositing money is remarkably easy, often redirecting users to the cashier section. However, the process varies depending on the country. In certain cases, you may be asked to verify your identity through a phone call, which is merely another tactic to deceive victims and take their money.

The brokers at Tesler Trading have designed their policies in a manner that allows them to scam people more convincingly. When it comes to withdrawing earned money, the system becomes complex and time-consuming. These scammers deliberately make members wait for an extended period, hoping they will eventually believe their money is lost and they can no longer withdraw it. It is all part of their scheme to deceive and defraud unsuspecting individuals.

Tesler Trading Review: Conclusion

Tesler Trading, the automated trading software, is fraudulent, and none of its claims hold any truth. The software lacks a robust working mechanism, and the notion of special strategies generating substantial overnight profits is entirely false. Every claim made by Tesler Trading is nothing but deceit, as the company employs various traps to swindle money from unsuspecting victims. Scam Bitcoin is a trustworthy website specializing in fund recovery services. If you have fallen victim to a scam, you can fill out a complaint form on our platform and receive a free consultation from our experts to explore the fund recovery process.

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